DayZ Day Zero was the first DayZ inspired short we made. We posted it about a year ago on Youtube, and in that time it has gotten a lot of views and had a lot of positive comments. The response from other DayZ players has been great. A lot of people have suggested we make more. We decided that would be a good idea!


They want more!
The reviews are in for DayZ Day Zero!

We've already begun work on a sequel. This time around, however, we wanted to really try to boost the production quality. DayZ Day Zero was a little side project that a bunch of us got together and made for fun. This time we want to get serious. Day One Crash Site will have a much bigger cast, more CG effects, on set zombie makeup, and more action! But, we quickly realized all these things put the cost of the production beyond our means. So, rather than scale back, we decided to launch a Kick Starter campaign to see if we could get some help covering the production costs. We shot a short teaser with the resources we had. But the final production requires a lot more. Larger cast, more special fx, better audio...it's time to get serious!

We'll be launching our Kick Starter campaign soon! Read on for more information.  Check back for details on the official launch date!

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Day One Crash Site is the sequel to our first DayZ inspired short, "DayZ Day Zero". We'll be continuing our story with the survivor and hero after their encounter with the bandit. Day Zero was made back when the game only existed as a mod. Consequently all the character costumes were based on the ones found in that mod. The sequel, however, will introduce characters based on the standalone version, making this story a crossover from the old DayZ world into the new one.


As the hero and survivor travel through the wooded wilderness of Cherno, they spot a Huey flying out in the distance and headed to their location. As it moves overhead, the chopper stars to spin widely, smoke spouts from the overstressed rotors, and the helicopter crash lands in a nearby clearing.


The experienced hero knows how dangerous a crash site can be. He and the survivor carefully make their way to the wreck and scout the location. Through the binoculars, a zombified crew surrounds the smoldering debris. He knows that despite the threat of the undead, every survivor and bandit soon will be after the high value loot that surrounds it. But, in desperate need of the supplies, he makes a calculated risk to move forward.  The Huey is close, and the hero believes they can get to the crash first, loot it, and make a clean getaway. Stealth and speed is critical. Low on ammo, and in desperate need of the supplies, they are in no position to get into a gun fight.



The hero treads quietly through the tall grass, hoping not to be spotted by the infected. But, as feared, a nearby gang of heavily armed bandits also spotted the crash and made their way to the wreckage. They emerge out of the treeline. They open fire. The sound of bullets crack overhead. The hero and survivor scramble to take cover as the clearing erupts into a wild and chaotic free for all of heroes, bandits, and zombies. As we know, the hero and survivor are outgunned, outnumbered, surrounded, pinned down - and shots below the head are still lethal. All hope looks lost. But, wait, what's this - An incoming radio transmission from a nearby Huey?! Could it be? It's Mr. Chow and Mr. Moon!


We hope to be reach our funding goals so we can produce the complete sequel, and you can see what happens next.



DayZ Day Zero was a fun side project, but we decided that for the sequel, we wanted to get serious. TTGS. Time To Get Serious! What exactly does that mean? Well, it means stepping up the production quality. DayZ Day Zero came out great, and we're all happy with it. But we also know with a bit more resources, we could do a much better job. We intend to greatly improve on nearly all aspects of production from the video, to the audio, to the special effects, and more.


Everyone involved in the project has experience working on feature films. We want to put that experience and talent to use and create the best DayZ short we can.


Below are some of the areas in which we intend to get serious:


Our first short, DayZ Day Zero was shot on a Canon T3i. It's a great little camera, but we're upgrading significantly for the sequel. Crash Site will be shot with a Blackmagic Production Cinema Camera. This camera shoots 4k raw video.  We'll have much higher resolution images, and shooting raw means we'll also have a greatly increased dynamic range. The image quality will be vastly superior to that of a DSLR. Most DSLR cameras shoot compressed h264 Quicktime movies. This will be a huge benefit when creating the CG effects shots. Lower resolution video with compression can sometimes cause difficulties with green screen keying and camera tracking. The higher resolution footage from this camera will allow us to get better green screen keys, better and more accurate tracking, and therefore result in more seemless and believable visual effects integration.



The Blackmagic camera also comes with a full version of the professional color correction and color grading software, Davinci Resolve. This powerful softare, combined with the 4k raw video of the Blackmagic camera, will allow us to produce very high quality images with professional looking color grading usually seen only in tv and film.


Mr Chow (BlizzHD)

Mr moon

The DayZ youtubers are a big part of the DayZ universe. So we thought it would be great to try and incorporate them into the sequel if possible.


Popular Youtubers Mr Chow (BlizzHD) and Mr Moon will be making guest appearances in the sequel! A very entertaining duo. Whether teaming up, or running solo, these 2 are sure to entertain. If you know DayZ, you've probably heard of Moon and Chow. If you've never seen them in action, be sure to check out their Youtube pages! Watch! Like! Subscribe! Find out what happens when the hero and survivor meet up with Moon and Chow! 




Our first short had limited special effects. The sequel, however, will require quite a few. A fully CG huey will be needed for both aerial shots and for the crash site itself. Green screens will be used to integrate the CG crashed Huey into the live action video.


To make it look convincing, we will need a very good, very detailed model of a Huey. For the teaser I used a lower resolution model than what I hope to use in the final. The existing model will either need to be enhanced, or replaced altogether. The model will then need to be painted to match those you'd see in the game, and a crashed version will also need to be created.


We'll also have a chaotic gunfight. CG shells and muzzle flashes will need to be added, and any orange tipped guns will need to be color corrected to remove the orange.




Above are some early render tests for the CG Huey. With funding, we hope to have a much more detailed 3D model to use (for close up shots), which will give us more realistic looking final effects.


Below are some images showing how the cg Huey was integrated into live action footage. A green screen was placed roughly where the Huey would be as a place holder. Later, the live action footage was tracked, the green screen was removed and the cg Huey composited back in. Blood splatter was also added as the hero shoots the zombie in the face!



When shooting our first DayZ short, we didn't really have any make up applied to the zombies. The make up effects ammounted to no more than some dark around the eyes, and some blood dripping down from the mouth. The plan was to try to only shoot the zombies from a distance so the crude make up would do the trick. Once editing began, however, it was soon realized this wasn't going to cut it. So, for the few shots where we did see the faces of the infected, I had to digitally enhance the footage with more gory, zombie-like photoshopped versions. Those digitally enhanced faces then had to be tracked back into the original footage. The photoshopped faces were 2D, therefore the techinique would only work where the zombie wasn't turning their head too much. This had a great impact on the final edit, as only shots that could have this technique applied could be used. It ended up getting the job done, but was too restricting on the edit, and really wasn't the right way to do it. For Crash Site, we intend to do it the right way, and have real make up applied to the zombies on set. They will require no additional digital touch ups after, which will leave more time for the more complicated and important Huey shots.


We've already done a make up test, seeing how certain techniques might look. You can see the results in the teaser. We're also looking into silicone masks, and contact lenses to really enhance the look even more.


One area that could definitely use some upgrading is the audio. We also plan on bringing in an audio professional to help with the final audio mix, so that the sound quality will match the visuals. Funding, will also allow us to invest in a library of high quality sound effects...so we won't be forced to use the wrong sound for the wrong gun. :(




One of the things people really seemed to appreciate about our first short was the attention to detail in the props and costumes. We tried to do our best to keep everything as accurate to the game as possible. Because all new characters will be based on the stand alone version of DayZ, and because they have greatly epanded the clothing inventory, and because we intend to nearly triple our cast, there will be a lot of new costumes needed. Since most items are based on actual clothing or gear, finding accurate gear isn't the hard part. It's paying for it all. The costs can add up pretty quick. Achieving our funding goals will allow us to maintain our faithfullness to the game.


DayZ is a fun, unique game. We originally decided to make DayZ Day Zero because it seemed like fun subject matter to base a short on. We decided to make a sequel because of the game's increasing popularity, and because DayZ offers a lot of potential subject matter to use as a storyline. If Crash Site is funded, we'll have aquired quite a stock pile of DayZ props and costumes. Given the popularity of the game and other zombie related media (Walking Dead), and given the almost limitless story possibilities in the DayZ-based world, we're toying with the idea of putting together a DayZ-based web series. In fact, a first draft for a first pilot episode has already been written.


If our Kick Starter campaign is funded, we'll have a lot of what we need to begin production on more episodes. And a successful Kick Starter campaign will prove there is enough interest out there for us to continue making more. So, we really hope you'll consider contributing the Kick Starter campaign. All contributions will be greatly appreciated!

















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